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Firearm Cleaning

A clean firearm is a reliable and often more accurate firearm. Simply running a brush or a bore snake through a barrel does not ensure that carbon build up, oil and grime is removed from smaller crevices. Also, barrel fouling, specifically copper build up, can be a major cause / contributing factor of inaccuracy. Bays Guns offers a thorough cleaning service where the fire arm is stripped down and all components thoroughly cleaned, lubricated and inspected before reassembly to ensure it is not only clean but also safe to shoot. The services provide include:

  • Bold action rifle strip down and clean;
  • Semis automatic rifle strip down and clean;
  • Handgun strip down and clean;

The costs of this service below vary and they exclude repairs and replacement parts. Should you wish to make use of this service please contact Naude Viljoen or Johan van Wyk.