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Firearm Licence Applications

To legally possess a firearm you are required to acquire a firearm licence/ permit. Bay Guns can assist you prepare a comprehensive motivation for such submissions to the SAPS. The sooner you are then able to submit such applications to your local SAPS, the sooner you will be able to take legal possession of the firearm in question on approval of your application. Bay Guns offer the following services to our clients:

  • For firearms purchased from Bay Guns the required SAPS forms will be provided along with instructions on how to complete the forms and the steps to follow at the police station when submitting the application.
  • Bay Guns can also assist with other newly purchased and firearms renewal motivations.
  • Assistance can also be provided with privately sold/donated and Deceased Estate firearms motivations.
  • Although Bay Guns cannot submit an appeal on your behalf, assistance can be rendered in this regard.
  • Bay Guns can also assist Foreigner Nationals residing in South Africa with motivations for Temporary Permits.

Assistance with motivations and document preparation is provide for a fee. Should you wish to avail of these services please contact Naude Viljoen.