71 Bland St, Mossel Bay
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Firearm Storage

Storage space for firearms and ammunition is limited at Bay Guns, with no practical options available to increase compliant storage space. In order to have sufficient space for the storage of stock items Bay Guns;

  • Is only able to store purchased firearms at no cost for 5 months from purchase. Thereafter, irrespective the reason for the delay, a storage fee of R90 per month will be levied for each month, or part thereof, for firearms held in storage awaiting collection. It Firearms in storage can only be release to the owner on production of a valid licence.
  • With the current delays in the approval of firearm licences, sold firearms sometimes remain in safe custody for months. This takes up much needed safe stock space. Primarily for this reason, Bay Guns simply no longer has the space to offer a firearms storage service as this would further restricts the space available for shop stock.