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Hornady 6mm .243″ 100gr Interlock BTSP Box 100

Hornady 6mm .243″ 100gr Interlock BTSP Box 100


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The Hornady Interlock Bullets – 6mm / .243″ 100gr BTSP is a pack of 100 bullets ideal for reloading .243″ and similar calibres. The InterLock design has a raised ring inside the jacket, embedded in the bullet’s core, that keeps the core and jacket locked together during expansion to retain mass and energy. These bullets are well suited for hunting medium to large game. Boat Tail bullets are less sensitive to crosswinds, have a flatter trajectory, retain higher velocity downrange and deliver higher energy to the target in comparison to their flat base equivalents. Soft Point bullets are jacketed expanding bullets and are designed to expand upon striking a flesh target to cause wound diameter greater than the diameter of the bullet. These bullets typically have an exposed lead tip.