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LYNX LX3 2.5-15X50 SAH Riflescope

LYNX LX3 2.5-15X50 SAH Riflescope


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Lynx LX3 2.5-15×50 SA Hunter

Brilliant Optics

Extra low dispersion glass and the latest anti-reflective lens coating technology gives brilliant image clarity and brightness. The scope is easy on the eye during prolonged periods of use due to its generous and forgiving eye relief and the long 155 mm main tube makes for easy mounting onto long-action hunting calibers.

Illuminated SA Hunter Reticle

Lynx LX3 2.5‑15×50 SA Hunter is fitted with the tried and tested SA Hunter reticle that is easy to use and provides aiming points that compensate for distance as well as cross-winds. Calibrated in metres for distance and km/h for wind, SA Hunter reticle works with most popular hunting and varmint calibres. The bold reticle lines are easily visible in poor light but still thin enough for accurate shot placement on small targets. A small red centre cross lights up dead-centre to make the aim point more easily visible at night with minimal effect on your night vision.

Side Focus & Reticle Illuminator

Parallax is focusable from 35 metres to beyond infinity. The parallax adjustment wheel is mounted on the side of the scope alongside the illuminator switch, which can be turned on and off to one of 11 brightness settings with a single click.

Windage / Elevation Adjustment Controls

Pop-up ¼ MOA adjustment controls make it a snap to shoot the scope in.