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LYNX Rifle Scope LX3 2.5-15×50 Tactical

LYNX Rifle Scope LX3 2.5-15×50 Tactical


Lynx RF-Tactical reticle is newly designed for tactical sport shooters. It is graduated in mils in 1 mil and 1/2 mil increments. The center circle and dot illuminate green to provide for both quick and accurate aiming, depending on your situational requirement.
The ranging scale, calibrated to range 50cm high target from 200 meters to 1 200 meters in 100 meter increments and 33cm & 25cm high targets from 200 meters to 600 meters, is inset at the bottom of the sight picture.

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The Lynx Riflescope – LX3 2.5-15×50 – Tactical Reticle has a six ratio magnification from 2.5 to 15x and lockable side focus down to 10 meters, LX3 2.5-15x50mm is without doubt the most versatile Lynx hunting scope produced to date. Fitted with SA Hunters reticle this is a formidable hunting tool that elevates a competent hunter to an excellent one; imagine what it could do for you.