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RCBS Trim Pro 3 Way Cutter .25 Caliber # 90280

RCBS Trim Pro 3 Way Cutter .25 Caliber # 90280


  • The RCBS® Trim Pro 3-Way Cutter is automated case preparation at its finest one of those accessories reloaders can t live without. Its unique three-blade head configuration trims cases like the standard cutting tool, but in addition to trimming to length, inside blades chamfer the case while an outside blade deburrs it. The 3-Way cutter attaches easily to both Case Trimmers and Trim Pros. Note: not for 17 to 20 caliber.
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The RCBS 3 Way Cutter head is a must for case trimming. Performing three functions at once, the RCBS 3 Way Cutter trims the case to length, chamfers the inside of the case mouth, and deburrs the outside of the case mouth, meaning taht you only have to handle the case one time! The cutter head is responsible for trimming to length, the caliber specific pilots are responsible for chamfering, and fit into the cutter head like any other pilot. The deburring cutter is adjustable for every caliber with a convenient thumb screw, and set screw. Changing calibers requires only adjusting the deburring cutter, and replacing the caliber-specific chamfer pilot.