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REDDING Big Boss II Reloading Press

REDDING Big Boss II Reloading Press


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REDDING Big Boss II Reloading Press

Both the original Big Boss and the new Big Boss II reloading presses have all the desirable features of the “Boss” reloading press, but are built on heavier frames with a 1” diameter ram and longer 3.8” usable ram stroke for reloading the largest magnum cartridges.

The Big Boss II now features the unique Redding “Spent Primer Collection System” used on the T-7 and Ultramag presses. This top of the line single station press has the largest window opening and longest usable ram stroke of any press in its class.

  • Magnum size frame opening
  • Powerful compound linkage
  • Rigid cast iron construction
  • “Smart” priming arm